About Sarah Noonan

Sarah Noonan is a missionary who has been to missions in Africa, Peru and the Philippines. She has worked as a teacher of the elementary grades and a chef in Buffalo, New York. Sarah comes from a family of 8 and has 41 nieces and nephews...and counting!! Sarah is spending a year with the Oikos Sisters and their mission, updating the website as she goes!!


It’s time for the Poor Household of God Fundraiser to support the work of the Oikos Sisters in the Philippines!!!  Free Filipino Dinner, Meet Sr. Sarah and hear about the work of the Oikos Sisters, have fun and win prizes!!!

This year’s FUNDRAISER is full of fun and exciting items to bid on!! And there are different ways to attend and help out:

***Come in Person!!!***  You can join us in person on Friday, August 12, 2022 at        St. Petronille Parish in Glen Ellyn…420 Glenwood Ave. Glen Ellyn, IL from 6-10pm  RSVP by August 4th by calling Mary Jane Trinkus (630-858-3758)

***Join us Online!!!***  If you’re unable to join us in person, join online!!  The online auction starts at 9am on August 5th and runs until August 12th at 9pm.  You can bid anytime, multiple times, from the 5th until the 12th!!  Here’s the link that will be open on August 5th at 9am:  https://aesbid.com/PHOG22

***Make a Donation!!!***  Unable to join us in person and don’t like auctions???  You can click here to make a donation to the Oikos Sisters!!

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity to the Oikos Sisters!!  Truly, there is no limit to the good we can do in this world…together!!  Thank you for your part in helping the poor of Eastern Samar, Philippines!!  You are in our prayers!!!

Summer 2022 Mission Appeals

The Oikos Community was so thankful for the visit of Dr. Vic and Mary Jane Trinkus, the director of The Poor Household of God, to our mission in Borongan City, Eastern Samar!  The Trinkus’ stayed for about a month, going on Mission to the areas affected by Super Typhoon Odette, joining the Holy Week and Easter services and celebrations and just living and working with the Sisters in Oikos Village.  The entire mission was so blessed by their visit!!  

We are so excited about the Summer Mission Appeal this year!                                                                       Once again this summer, an Oikos Sister will be coming to Illinois, New Hampshire and New York!  This summer, we will welcome Sr. Sarah Noonan, the newest Oikos Sister originally from Buffalo, NY.  We invite you to join us for the summer appeal for the Oikos Community and Mission, and hear her vocation story!


Sr. Sarah will be arriving in Illinois in July and here are the dates of her appeals so far:          ***July 16/17 at St. Anne’s Church in Oswego, IL                                                           ***July 30/31 at St. Andre Bessette in Laconia, NH                                                        ***August 6/7 at St. Peter Damien in Bartlett IL                                                              ***August 13/14 at Immaculate Conception Church in Morris, IL                                 Dates in Buffalo, NY to be announced.                                                                         Please try and come to one of our appeals… and, just a thought, you can also join us at any of the parishes online if you’re out of state or cannot come to mass!!  If you feel so inspired, you can make a donation right here on our website!!

Also, don’t forget our ANNUAL FUNDRAISER!!! ***  August 12, 2022 ***              Save the Date! More details to come…

                                                                                           Sr. Clarissa sends her love and her prayers for all of you and for a fruitful and fun mission appeal!!  Don’t worry…you’ll see her again!!


 And all the Oikos Sisters send their love and prayers to all of you for your kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness and care!!  Truly, they would not be able to do the work they do without YOU!!  So, Salamat Po!!  Thank you!!

Immersion to Ponod, Southern Leyte

On December 16, 2021, a powerful super typhoon, Typhoon Odette, rampaged through parts of the Philippines.  The area where we live, Eastern Samar, was not affected too much, but other areas suffered greatly as a result of this massive storm. The areas southwest of us, Maasin, Bohol and Southern Leyte were worst hit.

There was an immediate outcry from officials in those areas for help from within the Philippines as travel restrictions caused by the pandemic made it impossible for outside NGO’s to enter the Philippines to help.  We in the Oikos Community responded to their need.  Led by the Holy Spirit, Sister Mines, our Elder Servant, researched the areas of Southern Leyte looking for a town we would be able to help, and she was led to a small town on Panaon Island called Ponod.  It is comprised of 206 families and is located at the base of a large mountain facing the Pacific Ocean.  During the storm, they were assailed by landslides from the mountain, large waves from the ocean and strong winds that destroyed even cement homes.  Quite miraculously, no one in the town died from the storm, however 28 homes were completely washed out from the ocean, 80 homes were totally destroyed and 71 homes were partially destroyed!  Not only that, but the storm wreaked havoc on the coconut trees, the source of livelihood for the residents of Ponod.  It will be at least 7 years until they will be able to earn a living from the coconut trees again.

On January 17, 2022, the Oikos Community traveled to Ponod, Southern Leyte (an 8 hour drive) with 4 vehicles loaded down with clothes, food, 500 grocery packs, health packs, basins, blankets, cooking equipment and about 20 volunteers!  We stayed in Ponod for three days.  We gave the families there our food, grocery and health packs, we taught the kids how to properly brush their teeth, we had a good grooming day where the people got a shampoo, hair cut and their nails trimmed, we did catechism with the children and had some psych-social support sessions with the youth and the adults who were suffering emotionally from the storm.  We shared all our meals with the people of Ponod, sang songs with them, prayed with them and played with them!

But this is a “Mission in Progress.”  We plan on returning to Ponod to help them further.  In fact, today, on February 1st, a team of carpenters, chainsaw operators and workmen left for Ponod with a small number of the Oikos Community to continue the mission.  They are going to build 11 simple homes for the families whose homes have been washed out.  Currently these families are living on the beach, under tarps or make-shift tents comprised of sticks and boulders.  The construction team will stay in Ponod until the 11 homes are built!  Our dream is to build homes for all 28 families who have no home.

Here is a video of our immersion to Barangay Ponod:

This is an on-going mission, one we will be working on during the course of this year.  If you would like to help us help the families in Barangay Ponod and the surrounding villages, you can make a donation by clicking here.

And please pray for us as we do the work we were called to do!!  Thank you so very much for your support and prayers!!  May the Good Lord bless you!!!

A Gift from the Oikos Family

In the Philippines, we celebrate Simbang-gabi, which is the novena before Christmas.  It is hard to find even a place to stand outside the Church for each of the masses during the 9 day celebration!!  After every mass carolers sing songs to get everyone revved up for the Christmas Celebration.  Here is a video of the Oikos Family singing songs after 4am mass on December 24th.  We hope you enjoy the video and we hope you have a beautiful Christmas Season and a blessed and healthy New Year!!


A Million Thanks!!!

We at the Poor Household of God can barely contain our joy over the overwhelmingly amazing response to our FUNdraiser for the work and mission of the OIKOS SISTERS in the Philippines!!  Despite the challenges presented by a pandemic, we were able to have a wonderful hybrid event both with our online silent auction and our in-person evening event held on October 8, 2021.


Sr. Clarissa Abella, who represented the Oikos Sisters, gave a stirring talk about life in the mission and life in general during a pandemic in the Philippines.  It certainly made all present at the event feel grateful for all the blessings we have in the United States.  But mostly we felt excited to be a part of the work the Sisters do for the poor in Eastern Samar in the Philippines.  Sr. Clarissa expressed her deep gratitude, and that of all the Sisters and beneficiaries of the Oikos Ptochos Tou Theou Mission, for all the love and support given to them through the donations of so many generous hearts!!  For certainly, the Oikos Sisters could not do all that they are able to do without the love and generosity of everyone who participated in our FUNdraiser, both online and in person.


So, from all the way across this amazing planet of ours, the Oikos Sisters send their love, thanks, prayers and deepest gratitude to all of you!!!  “May our Loving Father in heaven bless you 100 fold for your generosity and care for the poor.  Thank you for partnering with us!  Salamat Po!!  Thank you so very much!!”

And from all the associates and co-workers of the Poor Household of God, we express our greatest thanks as well!  Working together we can make a huge difference in the world one event, one person, one donation at a time!!  Thank You and God Bless!!!

2021 Virtual and In-Person FUNdraiser!!!

Greetings to all supporters of the Oikos Sisters and the Poor Household of God!!                                                      We have exciting news!!


                                        Our annual FUNdraiser will be held at                                                                              St. Petronille Parish Life Center                                                                                       420 Glenwood Ave. Glen Ellyn, IL                                      Friday, Oct. 8. 6-10pm

                                           But the fun begins well before that!!                                      This year we are having a HYBRID event that will be both virtual and in-person!!                                                  It all begins on October 1st at 9am.                                                          Simply click on the link below that will be active on October 1st at 9am                               to see all the items up for bidding and begin making your bids!!


*You do not need to be there on October 8th to be the winner!!  That means, wherever you happen to be on October 8th, you could make out BIG!!  The virtual event will continue from October 1st until the main event on the 8th.

And what makes that event so special???  Sr. Clarissa will be there!!

         Sr. Clarissa will share with us updates from the past 2 years in the Oikos Mission.   You may remember that Sr. Clarissa couldn’t come last year because of the pandemic.                                     Although we are still in the midst of the pandemic,                                 God has made a way for her to be here with us!!

We will hear about the pandemic in the Philippines, updates from Oikos Village and a new partnership with the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters for a new livelihood for the poor!

“Planting Seeds of Hope in God’s Poor Household!”

So, join us online for an exciting auction!!!!

              And if you are able, please join us in-person on October 8th at St. Pet’s!!                            We will be enjoying an American Adobo hot dinner (barbecue!!!)                                           And although there will be some changes from other years                                                            (mask wearing, contact tracing, boxed dinners)                                     it is sure to be as FUN a night as in the past!!!

We look forward to seeing you online!!

             And for you locals, we look forward to seeing you at St. Petronille’s!                                      If you are able to come, please RSVP by October 1st:                                       at 630-858-3758 or PoorHouseholdofGod@yahoo.com.

                                                         Thank You Ever So Much!!!                                                             May the Good Lord Bless You!!!



We are so excited to let you know that Sr. Clarissa and Sr. Sarah will be able to come to the United States this year!!!

You may recall that last year, because of co-vid, the Sisters were not able to come.   But now, through the graciousness of God, we are thrilled to be receiving them once again.  Below is the schedule for the two Sisters…please take a look.

If you are able to attend, wonderful!!  Bring a friend or two as well!!

If, because of your location or busy schedule you are not able to attend, we humbly ask that you please pray for our Sisters as they appeal to the parishioners of the parishes below.  Also, because of the pandemic, some parishes offer on-line viewing of the mass.  Check out the parishes websites to see if you can join us virtually!

Sr. Clarissa’s Parish Appeals:
Sept. 11/12 -St. Anne Church – Oswego, IL
Sept.18/19 -Immaculate Conception Church – Morris, IL
Sept. 25/26 -Resurrection Church – Jacksonville, FL
Sr. Sarah’s Parish Appeals:
July 10/11 -St. Aloysius Gonzaga – Cheektowaga, NY  
July 24/25 -St. Isidore – Perry, NY
Aug. 21/22 -St. Vincent de Paul, Niagra Falls, NY
Sarah’s parents’ parish of over 10 years, Our Lady of the Nativity in Clarence, NY has invited Sr. Sarah to speak to their congregation on Sept 4/5.

Also, please note the date of our FUNdraiser and “Thank You” Celebration as well… October 8, 2021 at St. Petronille Parish in Glen Ellyn.                                                   This year, we will be doing a hybrid fundraiser that will include a online virtual silent auction AS WELL AS an in-person, exciting event on the night of the revealing of the winners.  Join us on-line, in person or both!!

If you are planning on attending the event, please RSVP by October 1st…

Mary Jane Trinkus 630-858-3758
Salamat! ~ Thank you!



To all of our benefactors and donors of The Poor Household of God Family, we would like to wish you all the best this holiday season!!  We thank you for your love and support of our beloved Oikos Sisters and their Mission in the Philippines!  Without your generous giving, the Oikos Sisters would not be able to do the work that they do in the city of Borongan, in the many barrios surrounding the city and in their region of Eastern Samar.  

The Oikos Sisters send their warmest regards to all of you and want you to know that you are in their prayers this holiday season and throughout the whole year.  Because they too are experiencing the hardships and difficulties of CoVid19, they appreciate all the more your generosity and kindness to them. 

One of the Christmas traditions in the Philippines is Christmas caroling.  From December 16th until the New Year, the streets all throughout the Philippines are filled with the music of children, teens and adults singing carols with creative homemade instruments at their neighbors’ homes, and are usually given pesos or candy for their songs.  It is a tradition the Oikos Mission participates in each year to our local benefactors…and it is a completely amazing and fun experience!!

This year because of the pandemic, caroling in the Philippines is restricted, so the Oikos Mission has gone techno!!  THIS VIDEO WAS CREATED AT THE NEW CHURCH IN OIKOS VILLAGE, ST. FRANCIS CHURCH!!  Please enjoy the video below as our gift to you for your support of the Oikos Sisters, enabling us to fulfill our mission to help them reach out to all in need.  You are very treasured!!


Giving Tuesday 2021!!

Thank you for checking out our Giving Tuesday page on our website!!  We are dedicated to helping the Oikos Sisters do what they do for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines.  Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the work they’ve done in the past, and if you want to join us in helping them, follow the steps below.  Thank you!  We are thankful for you!!!



If you want to support the Oikos Sisters in their mission to help the poorest of the poor in Eastern Samar in the Philippines this Giving Tuesday, simply go to our donate page to make your contribution!  You can either donate online using PayPal or you can mail your donation to Mary Jane Trinkus.  See the details here.

                                   Together with the Oikos Sisters, we thank you                                                  for your interest in helping them help others!

Hand in hand to a better tomorrow…love knows no distance!!

A Letter from the Oikos Sisters to You

To all of our faithful supporters and visitors to the Poor Household of God website:

In this difficult time of pandemic from CoVid19, we in the Oikos Mission are still working hard to keep going with the mission as we follow the health protocols set up by the local government. We’ve been able to give relief goods to families suffering from typhoons and from the effects of strict quarantines. As school is starting again, 100% distance learning, we are doing our best to help our scholars be successful even with poor internet signals and challenging modules to complete. We have set up prayer schedules in each of our mission homes for the end of this pandemic, for the healing of all the sick, the strengthening of all the front liners and for protection of our Oikos Family, our own families and all of our supportive benefactors.

We understand the strain the entire world is under now with CoVid19, which has made its way here to Borongan, Eastern Samar. From health scares to financial crises, the entire world is suffering. Please know that you and your families are in our prayers each day.   As the holidays approach in the United States and throughout the world, we know that the Poor Household of God may be doing some fundraising for our mission, and we are so very grateful for their efforts!!! However, if at this time, you would like to donate to us, but are unable to, we completely understand! Please keep us in your prayers! As we continue to reach out to the poorest of the poor and to be a light of encouragement and hope here in our homeland, we thank God for His Divine Providence in taking care of us and in providing for all of our needs. For those of you who have been inspired to give in the past, we thank God for you!! Please keep us in your mind and heart in the future!                                                                                                               Thank you and God bless you! To God be the Glory!!

With love and prayers,                                                                                                            The Oikos Sisters