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10 years ago, in 2008, a group of missioners from the Diocese of Joliet in Illinois and the Diocese of Buffalo in New York, decided to go one step further in helping the poor in Borongan, Eastern Samar, the Philippines.  Already they had been going to Borongan once a year every February giving their talent, time and treasure on a medical and community outreach mission.  Through the grace of God, they came into contact with the Sisters of the Oikos Ptochos Tou Theou Mission, also called The Poor Household of God, in Borongan and saw how beautifully the Sisters were helping the poor, particularly poor families struggling to send their students to school.  These missioners felt the Holy Spirit asking them to give a little more of themselves to the mission, and they responded with open hearts!!!  The Poor Household of God 501c3 charitable organization was born in 2008 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, through the hard work of these missioners led by Mary Jane Trinkus.  It started as a way to help poor students go to school, and the missioners all agreed that they themselves would pay for any fees incurred in running the charity so that 100% of what people gave to these poor children would go directly to them.  But soon the word got out about these amazing Oikos Sisters and the work they do for the poor, going far beyond sending children to school…they taught livelihood programs to the poor, fed them, clothed them, taught them the Word of God in word and in action and so much more.  Soon people were giving more than for just educational sponsorships, they began funding all of the work the Sisters were doing in Eastern Samar and as the Holy Spirit guided the Sisters to reach out farther and farther to the poor, He also touched the hearts of generous donors to give more and more to the Sisters.  And still, to this day, the associates of the Poor Household of God Organization make sure that 100% of all donations go right to the Oikos Sisters for the poor they serve.  It truly is a match made in heaven!!!  In the words of St. Mother Teresa, “I can do things you cannot do.  You can do things I cannot do.  Together we can do great things!”  This can clearly be seen through the selflessness and amazing work of both the Oikos Sisters in their Mission and the Poor Household of God and all of the generous donors. 

Congratulations to The Poor Household of God, to all of the associates of the organization for all of their work in serving and helping the poor in Eastern Samar for these past 10 years!!!  And to those who gave so generously throughout these 10 years through the Poor Household of God, it is with hearts bursting with gratitude that we give our most sincere thanks.  To God, for His mercy and greatness, for His great love and divine providence, we give honor, adoration, thanksgiving and praise!!