Educational Sponsorship

The Oikos Sisters have a firm belief that the way to end the cycle of poverty is through education.  Many of the poor living in the barrios of Borongan, and indeed all through the Philippines, never had the chance to finish school for any number of reasons including the cost of education and school supplies, distance from school and high travel costs, children needing to work for the family among many others.  According to the profiles made for the piglet breeding program, the majority of men in two barrios alone did not progress in school beyond the 6th grade.

The Oikos Sisters in conjunction with The Poor Household of God are creating newGirlStudent paths and providing hope for the futures of many in Eastern Samar.  200 elementary, 81 high school and 47 college students are now receiving educational assistance in the IMG_1241form of tuition, school supplies, lunch, uniforms, school bags, miscellaneous fees and transportation. As part of the program, regular meetings with students are held once a month for spiritual formation activities. The child’s performance at school is monitored and tutoring help is offered when needed.  Facilitated by Sister Ethel Amidao, the Educational Sponsorship program is growing fast.

If you would like to join with the Oikos Sisters in their endeavor to help children to a better future and lighting their paths, you can become a sponsor of a child.  The costs to sponsor a student in school for a year which includes school supplies, uniforms and transportation are as follows:IMG_1242

$300.00 for an elementary student
$400.00 for a high school student, grade 9,10      $450.00 for a high school student, grade 11, 12 $1,200.00 for a college student



If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please send your inquiry to

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