Piglet Recycling Program

The piglet program is one of the livelihood programs the Oikos Sisters facilitate in the    barrios of Eastern Samar. Many people living in this regDSCN0594ion earn their livings by making coconut oil and fishing.  Because of the damage done to the soil, the coconut trees, fishing nets and boats by the last two typhoons that ravaged the Philippines, many people lost their livelihoods.  The Oikos Sisters are doing their best to help revive the economic status of the region and the health and well-being of the families living there.

With the help of community volunteers, or co-workers, the Oikos Sisters have nnndeveloped a piglet breeding program that will not only put food on the table, but helps to bring in income for these families.  Each family is given a pigpen and a piglet along with education, starter feed, any needed medication and supervision throughout the one year FullSizeRender (3)program.

As new breeds of piglets are born, two piglets are given back to the Oikos Sisters to give to other families and the remaining piglets are kept for food, continued breeding and to sell in the market.  So far the Sisters have begun this program in 4 barrios and have plans to add to the number of barrios helped.

One of the most amazing things about the Oikos Sisters is that they aren’t out there handing out necessities to make people’s lives better for now.  Rather they are out there teaching people how to make their lives better forever.  The Sisters give the poor a hand up and support them along the way, however the work must be done by the beneficiaries of the programs.  In not only helping poor people rise above their poverty, but doing it in a way that gives them confidence, respect and pride in themselves, the Oikos Sisters literally change their lives under the guidance and love of God.

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