The Oikos Sisters would like to extend our greatest thanks to each and every one of our benefactors, in finances and in prayers, for the amazing generosity and thoughtfulness you have shown in giving so bountifully to our mission, particularly in the Charity Village.  We have seen tremendous growth in our village since the land was donated to us, and we know that without your charitable, giving hearts, we would not have been able to build homes for so many families to call their own, we would not have been able to begin to build our road inside the village, and we would not have been able to grow plenty of fruits and vegetables there, which are already producing food for our families’ tables and pocketbooks!!

In truth, you are home-sweet-home-builders for these families, helping to give them dignity and safety in a home all their own; you are dream-come-true-makers, helping the Oikos Sisters to fulfill a dream they had years ago for the poor people here; you are hope-injectors for all the people needing dialysis in Borongan and who are hoping beyond hope that the medical clinic in the Charity Village will house the first dialysis center in the city.  In short, you are angels in disguise and we couldn’t do any of this without you.  Thank you for being partners in God’s work here in the Philippines with us.  May God bless you and your families today and every day.                                         Salamat Po!!  Thank You!!