See Our Progress in the Charity Village!!!

We are so, so excited about all of the progress in the Charity Village, and so completely thankful to God for His Divine Providence and to all of our faithful donors!!!!   We can hardly contain our joy!!!

Here’s what’s new…

*** GROUNDBREAKING!!!  We held a groundbreaking for the Chapel and for the Community Center in the Charity Village in February!!  Bishop Crispin, the Bishop of Borongan along with the Oikos Sisters’ spiritual director, Msgr. Lope Robredillo, and missioners from all over the world joined the Oikos Sisters in breaking ground on the two structures!   The day was so joyful and meaningful to all who attended.  We buried a time capsule at each location that included the names of all present and a rosary and then each of us helped to shovel in dirt to fill the holes.  Bishop Crispin also blessed the land as we prayed for continued success in the construction of the village.  We gave thanks to all who have donated for the construction of these buildings, and asked our Loving Father to continue to touch the hearts of generous people to continue to support our project!

*** NEW HOMES ARE BEING BUILT!!  Even as you read this, homes are being built in the Charity Village!!  We are making improvements on the homes as we build them, realizing that even if the land we are building the village on is safe from flooding, nowhere is safe from typhoons here!  So, we are building stronger homes made entirely of concrete.  Also, we are making duplexes!
The duplexes actually take up less room than 2 houses and are just as roomy and comfortable as the single homes.  Thanks to the Construction Team from the Joliet Mission in Chicago, IL who were an amazing help to our local workers in building and painting the homes!!***EACH HOUSE THAT IS FINISHED HAS A FAMILY LIVING IN IT!!  The purpose of the Charity Village is to have sturdy, safe, comfortable homes for the poorest of the poor who have no home of their own.  Already 10 homes are totally finished and they are already Home Sweet Home to 10 families!!  One home and two duplexes are almost done, meaning 5 more families will be able to call Charity Village their home soon.  The village is not yet complete, and construction will soon begin on the Community Center and the Chapel, but why have empty houses, right?  An added benefit to having residents already is that they are super helpful to us in helping with the gardening and landscaping, in cooking food for the workers and in many other ways.  We are continuously getting showered by the blessings of the Lord!!

And here’s your sneak peek…

This is what we hope the Charity Village will look like upon its completion!!  In the center is the chapel, the small blue boxes are all the homes and the white rectangle is the basketball court (every village in the Philippines seems to have a basketball court!)  To the right of the court is the dialysis center and across from that will be the medical center.  Next to the medical center will be the community center.  There are spaces for vegetable gardens, a rosary garden and a playground!  To the right of the village will be the Oikos Sister’s convent with a hermitage and 2 small guest houses.

Can you see why we are so excited???  We cannot express the magnitude of our thanks for everyone who has supported us through donations and prayers…  Please continue your support!  Together we can do amazing things!!!

To donate now, click here.  Thank you!!  God bless you always!!!