Great News For The Charity Village!!

Although there have been a few ups and downs in the Charity Village, I have some great news to share with you!!  Building began in February and right now there are several homes built, painted and blessed!  Families have already begun moving into the village even though construction is still underway.  And ALL 25 HOMES ARE FUNDED!!!    Awesome news!!

There has been some difficulty in securing the land for the road going into the Charity Village.  First permission was given by the surrounding land owners of the village to build the road on their land, but then the families demanded an unjust price.  Also slowing down the construction was a ban on cutting down coconut trees.  Thankfully, these issues are beginning to be resolved!!

Due to a generous donor and a compromise negotiated with many prayers, the road right of way has been finalized and purchased!  And we are praying that after an assessment of the property and the coconut trees therein, the ban on cutting down the trees will be lifted within the coming weeks.  More good news continues as another generous donor has stepped forward to help pay for the heavy equipment needed to take down the trees.  When the ban is lifted, we’ll be ready to roll!!!

No endeavor in this life is without difficulty and road blocks.  The Oikos Sisters have found the way to keep positive thoughts flowing amid the twists and turns:  faith and trust in the Lord!!  Thanks be to God for their persistence and prayer.  Please join them in prayer that this village for the poor without homes of their own will soon be completed!!  Many, many thanks to you!!!