Quite a long time ago, the Oikos Sisters began dreaming about building a village where the poor people of Eastern Samar could live, those without land or a home of their own.  One of the philosophies of the Oikos Sisters is that all things happen in God’s time.  We cannot demand or rush God…we simply have to trust.

Well, it was just about one year ago that things began rolling for the Charity Village, and now we are in “full swing” mode!  It seems like every month there is a new development, a new accomplishment or a new challenge making itself known in the dream land of the Oikos Sisters.

1448177969677The Charity Village, just to remind you, is on land donated to the Oikos Sisters…1.5 hectors, in fact.  It is located in a central part of Borongan, away from the river and a little bit higher than the surrounding areas.  This makes the Oikos Sisters quite happy…basically being on land that is not prone to flooding.  The land is rich in flora and fauna, having many coconut trees, fruit trees, avocado trees, and beautiful plants.  The Sisters plan to add to the bounty coming from the earth with a community garden where all of the residents of the Charity Village will learn how to grow vegetables and be responsible for the garden’s care.  The plan right now is to have 25 homes built, along with a chapel, an evacuation qcenter and a medical clinic.  The evacuation center will be three stories and will house the Oikos convent, rooms for scholars, a large meeting area and plenty of room for many people to find refuge in times of need.  And the medical clinic will include rooms for OB/Gyn care, ambulatory care, a dental clinic, beds for overnight care should that be necessary and the Oikos charity pharmacy.  There are local doctors who donate their time to clinics such as the one the Oikos Sisters are planning.  Right now, the Sisters have funding for 22 out of the 25 homes and, the awesome news is…they have begun building the homes!!!

The first two homes were built during the Diocese of Joliet Partnership in Mission Medical Mission that was in Borongan during the first two weeks of February 2017.  Along with the medical team, a construction team also donates their time, talent and treasure to the poor people of Borongan.  Together with local community volunteers, the mission team made first homes of the Charity Village a reality for the Oikos Sisters!!

IMG_2293image (3) IMG_2294  Working long hours in the sun and the rain, the construction team did an absolutely amazing job building the homes that are sure to be the answer to many prayers here in the poorest region in the Philippines.  For certain, the team of missionaries and volunteers have answered the prayers of the Oikos Sisters!

IMG_2301image (1)

So…without further ado… (drum roll, please…) here are                                              THE FIRST TWO HOMES IN THE CHARITY VILLAGE:

image (4)

We give praise and thanks to God for His generosity and His providence.

And we thank the many people who have been praying for the Oikos Sisters and their endeavors.

What is up next for the Charity Village?  A road will be built for easy access to the land and construction on more houses will begin.

What is still needed for the Charity Village?  Funding for a few more homes (the cost to build one home is $2500.00 for labor and supplies) and funding is also needed for the evacuation center and the medical clinic.  If you want to help financially, you can donate here.  And your prayers are always needed and appreciated.