Sister Clarissa Says Thank You!!!

This year marked the 6th year Sister Clarissa has been coming to the United States to spread the word of the marvelous way God is working through the Oikos Sisters and to raise money for the many programs the Sisters facilitate in Borongan, Eastern Samar in the Philippines.

Sister Clarissa has a heart full of gratitude to the people who held fundraisers in Buffalo, NY and the suburbs of Chicago, IL and the many people who came out to support Sister Clarissa and the work of the Oikos Sisters.  At the fundraisers and several other events, the guests that came were delighted to hear of the new venture the Oikos Sisters are involved in, the Charity Village.  Sister Clarissa  spoke of the poorest of the poor…those who do not own land and have no rights to government aid as a result.  It is a beautiful story, and to find out more about it, go to

The best part of Sister Clarissa’s visit, I believe, is not found in the generosity of people here.  Certainly, that is awesome and worthy of sincere gratitude!!  But I find that the best part of Sister’s visit is the spreading of the work that the Oikos Sisters do in the Philippines.  Each year, it seems, more and more people are reached, more and more people hear of the amazing way God is loving His poor through the Oikos Sisters, and more and more people open their hearts and minds to the workings of God in the world.  Sister Clarissa is not only a missionary in the Philippines, she is one here as well, bringing us not needed money so we can survive, but needed love from God so that we can truly live, so that we can attain true life in Heaven with all of God’s beloved children.

As Sister Clarissa says thank you to all of those who generously gave their time and treasure to help the Oikos Sisters, I say right back at ‘cha, Sister Clarissa!  Thank you for giving us your time and treasure…your love of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for all of the Oikos Sisters, you can be assured of their prayers for you!!!